ISC Officers Election

2017-2018 was one of the most memorable year in ISC history. I am sure you have heard or will hear about the great events ISC hosted or participated in. The most importantly we made amazing friends. All of this was the results of E-board’s and officers’ hard work. They “defined” ISC.

And here we are. New year and new E-board. ISC is looking for new officers. We are looking for creative and dedicated members.

ISC is organizing elections. Members can nominate themselves of other members. On the day of the elections members will have chance to vote (Yes or No) for each candidate. Officer is elected if majority of attendees votes Yes. (We have democracy 🙂 ). Pizza 🍕 will be served.

Officer’s election is scheduled at 5pm on September 4th in EMAN room 103 (Engineering Management Building, 600 W 14th St, Rolla, MO 65409).
If you would like to make a difference and be part of the great group of people please nominate yourself.

To nominate yourself or your friend please send an email to with the following information:

  • Information about nominee:
    • Name
    • Major
    • Academic Year
    • Position candidate would like to run for
    • Photo (if possible)
  • In few words tell us:
    • Why nominee is interested in this position?
    • How can nominee help ISC grow?
Here, are ISC Officer Positions:
  • Stuco Representative
  • Special Effects Coordinator
  • Sports Coordinator
  • Multimedia
  • Logistic Director
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Publicity Coordinator
  • Public Relations
Please find more information regarding responsibilities in this document.