Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is designed to pair the incoming international students with current international students prior to starting their studies who will help them to ease their transition into a new living and study environment with settling in during the early days, whether it be meeting new people, new place, new environment, and new teaching styles, suggestions to sense the systems of school, guidance to get an appropriate accommodation and process the social security number, health insurance, driver’s license or applying for a bank account and suitable cell phone networks that work properly in Rolla, MO.

Each buddy will cooperate with the prospective student incorporating their experiences in academic and social interactions for administrative procedures and adjustment to life in a new city. The buddies will arrange meetings (at least once a month) according to the schedules to discuss and deal with local food, grocery stores, weather conditions, transportation, resident life, associations and communities from different countries, student clubs, organizations, services, and training available on campus. Besides, the buddy is always there for the student to navigate an excursion around the campus to know the resources and explore things together from celebrating holidays, hiking on nearby trails, or watching sports at the stadium to storming in a cup of coffee which will eventually make the new environment coherently comfortable.

The Buddy Program paves a pathway to transform adversities into aspiration that inspire, enrich, and encourage the international students to become buddies themselves in the near future and provides them with the amiable assistance of potential people who are always ready to help in extracting the enthusiasm and courage out of any challenge.

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